International lotteries

lotteries, which are held more than two countries in the world


An international lottery is any lottery that is held in two countries or more. Nowadays (e-commerce), it is already difficult to determine the difference between a local lottery and an international one, because through the Internet every citizen of our planet has the opportunity to buy a ticket in another country. And if he manages to win a solid prize, then you can take the plane and in a few hours, get his fee.
Our project singled out the most developed international lotteries, which can not only be played from another country, and they are held in several countries at the same time and the difference is only in a separate symbol or digit, which is added to the main draw.

International lotteries

International Lotteries of Europe


Tuesday, Friday
EuroMillions / Lotteries of AndorraEuroMillions / Lotteries of AustriaEuroMillions / Lotteries of BelgiumEuroMillions / Lotteries of FranceEuroMillions / Lotteries of IrelandEuroMillions / Lotteries of Isle of ManEuroMillions / Lotteries of LiechtensteinEuroMillions / Lotteries of LuxembourgEuroMillions / Lotteries of MonacoEuroMillions / Lotteries of PortugalEuroMillions / Lotteries of SpainEuroMillions / Lotteries of SwitzerlandEuroMillions / Lotteries of United KingdomResults of EuroMillionsActive

LOTTO 6x49

Wednesday, Saturday
LOTTO 6x49 / Lotteries of GermanyLOTTO 6x49 / Lotteries of LuxembourgResults of LOTTO 6x49Active