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We have the most popular international lotteries. In these lotteries the biggest jackpots of the world are played out

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Local lotteries

In our system there are lotteries from different countries of the world. And all lotteries are distributed among the countries where they are held

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Drawings & jackpots

All lotteries are represented by draws from the very beginning, ie. we have kept the entire lottery archive. We also try to provide jackpots

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Exclusion system

The proposed method of forecasting, selects all possible circulations that have ever fallen out and provides the most probable figures for the future circulation

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5 continents, 50+ countries
150+ lotteries from around the world

Every day, we monitor the quality of the data and maintain the information relevant

User-friendly interface

Our project tries to provide the user with the most convenient representation of data through any device

Convenient analysis

Our project tries to provide the most detailed information, so that each user can easily follow the lotteries and win


Informing via mail or API

You can get full information about the conducted circulations, through our services: email, API

Close contact

Our system is open for any proposal on improving the quality of our service and other constructive proposals

All lotteries of the world (circulations, jackpots, results)

Our archive is updating every day with new draws


Lotteries for you

A lottery is a mechanism of help. For whom he is for adrenaline, for others to survive, and for some it is the only chance to prove to the whole world that luck from years of him has not turned away. Our project is designed exclusively for people over 18 years of age. And our project does not force anyone to play the lottery! Our site is extremely informational and does not guarantee that the data is finally correct, since the organizers of the lotteries sometimes make mistakes themselves when presenting the data.

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Dashboard of World Lottery

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API for developers

John Galini

Technical department. Any data can be found, processed and analyzed

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Andre Farodu

Financial department. Communication - Better monetization

Business analytics

Liza Sanches

Marketing. The proper provision of information is the floor of success.

We will do our best to make our project perfect

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Proposals for cooperation

We are constantly looking for new talents that will help us improve our project and bring new creative ideas to it. All your suggestions, you can send to the mailbox - partners@wgl-eu.com
You can be a developer, partner, promoter or technical writer. Be with us.

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Advertising placement

Each advertising company that can be placed on our project does not contradict the law and our rules. Your applications can be sent to ads@wgl-eu.com

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Our workflow

our latest updates

El Gordo

Results of El Gordo
El Gordo / Lotteries of Spain
Added lottery
2018-09-20 12:40:01

Lotto HotPicks

Results of Lotto HotPicks
Lotto HotPicks / Lotteries of United Kingdom
Added lottery


Results of TOTOLOTO
TOTOLOTO / Lotteries of Portugal
Added lottery
2018-02-08 11:14:21


Results of 4-Digit
4-Digit / Lotteries of Philippines
Added lottery
2018-05-15 23:46:11


SUPREME TOTO / Lotteries of Malaysia
Added lottery
2018-07-06 23:06:52

What our users say about us

Useful criticism from the lottery fans

Found a mention of the site, on some forum. Not immediately decided to go, but when he came in - had to sit and pose, because there are a lot of lotteries. Although the time seems to be convenient navigation.
Reviews of the lotteries of the world
Sten Dobsiy
The site is very large, but navigation is convenient. Personally, I do not have enough French.
Reviews of the lotteries of the world
Tim Brash
Business analytics
It's a good idea to combine such a large number of lotteries in one place, and it's not always possible to check circulations on different sites, but here everything is in one place.
Reviews of the lotteries of the world
Alex Zalinskiy

Our additional features

opportunities that are required for every lover of the lottery


Distribution of lotteries by region

All lotteries are distributed according to the "Part of the World / Country" scheme and, optionally, distribution by local regions in the country (for example, in the USA).
Also, if the lottery is held in different countries and regions, it will be present in all countries where it is held.


Information about the lottery

Each lottery has a description of the rules of the game, the frequency of the conduct, the organizers, the official website and other official information.



In all editions, we fix the jackpot and display it, if it was played. But we do not give out, and we do not guarantee the issuance of this jackpot. We only provide information from official sources.


Our community

Our fans can always leave feedback, and of course they will get an answer. We always try to listen to our users to improve the service. On our lottery forum you can discuss issues related to lotteries.

Our prices

we are not organizers of lotteries, and only provide information

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  • Each user can get information about the lottery and its runs for free
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  • For a nominal fee, you can receive updates on your lotteries, instantly when they are updated on our site *
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  • Any user can purchase an archive of lotteries that are on our site
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* The list of paid services can be expanded, but the list of services from the "Free Fare" will not change.

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